Getting my approved refund transferred to my bank account

Hello, I have requested a refund and got approved by authors and now I am waiting for Envato team to transfer it to me but the card i used for the purchase is not working anymore and i want the refund to be transferred to another card or directly to my bank account but i couldn’t find an option to add the card or the bank account to get the refund transferred to, does anybody know how can i set this?

Unless they changed something recently, your refund should go to account credit where you can use it to purchase another item. It won’t go back to your card unless you request it via a Help ticket.

With respect to refunding back to another card… unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. When you receive a refund to a card, they are not “sending” you money, but rather they are reversing the transaction which always goes to the original card. That’s not something Envato controls – it’s how refunds work among all debit and credit card processors.

You can always open a Help ticket and see what they have to say, but it’s extremely unlikely.

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Thanks for replying! But i think they are supposed to let users have the freedom to transfer the credits to the card the user wants, So once the refund credits are added to the Envato account the user just select to which card or bank account he want to withdraw the credits (if he wants to). just saying… with all respect to the Envato system…

In a perfect world, you’re right. But sadly it’s not possible. Internet fraud is such a common occurrence that refunds have been locked down by banks and credit card companies - they must go to the original payment method.

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