Generating real (kind of) content instead of using lorem text for placeholders

Recently I encountered with where

Themes with ‘placeholder’ text or images in the live preview will not be eligible. For example avoid using unrelated dummy images and “lorem ipsum” text.

I searched via google :expressionless: , duckduckgo, :unamused: yahoo :pensive: to find tools to that generate real content/text :wink:

So here is a big question for you

how/where do you create/get demo/preview content?

There are loads of tools available on

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ahah, still these tools are like alternatives/improved version of lorem text generators.

if you look at popular themes and templates previews inside themeforest most of them have real like content(without any meaning ofcourse). How do they generate those content!!!

they write it themselves, it doesn’t take a lot to write some content for the template, depending on the type of template… I wouldn’t condone it but if you wanted real content then find a website in the niche you want to use and modify the content to your needs.

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