Demo content for theme. Where I can take it?

Hello, authors. I have a newbie question – where do you take your demo content? I have no problems with images, there is a plenty of sources. But what about articles, comments?


If you need simple lorem ipsum dolor data, you can use a free plugin named Demo Data Creator, it will easily generate for you users, posts, pages, comments, categories, links (but lorem ipsum dolor, remember)

But if you want to showcase your theme with true data to seem real (which is recommended), I’d suggest building your own data from free articles in that specific domain from the internet. Buyers are more likely to buy, for instance, an architecture theme where they see a homepage with how to build a roof with examples, than one full of lorem ipsum dolor.

Anyway, you will not find an .xml ready for download for specific theme demos :slight_smile: Although it is a good idea for a new plugin, which can generate demo data for themes :slight_smile:


Thank you. Really sounds like an idea for a plugin :wink:

You said I can use FREE articles from the internet. That is what am I looking for! Don’t you know any website that provides this type of content?

I’ve found this one and this

Or you could get a content writer for a couple of dollars on a freelance site. You can find some who are very cheap and you wont have any copyright issues.