Gang! I want your Help! [PRO]

Hey mates!
Today I received this email via audiojungle from a client:

Dear artsygoat,

for the public use (website, fair) of a video, which we have underlaid with music licensed from audiojungle, I would like to have the titles checked by GEMA.

For this I need a completed cue sheet with the title, civil first name and surname of all authors involved, as well as their dates of birth.

We use your song “Coming home”.

Thank you for your help.

I am not in any PRO yet and I don’t know how to handle this properly. :confused:
P.S. I am not sure if they buy a license yet but I am sure that I have never licensed this track for broadcast use as far as I remember.

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Simply write to them that you are not affiliated with any PRO, hence your track is not subject to royalty collection from GEMA, nor any other royalty organization. If they insist on having a cue sheet filled out, you can fill it out using the track title, your (composer’s) name, and where it says “PRO” you write “No PRO affiliation”. Also, you leave ISWC etc blank. That should do it.

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Hey @artsygoat,

They said “website and fair (public event)”, these types of use are covered by the standard license, so no need for broadcast license here.

GEMA collects on all music performances, even if the author is not PRO affiliated. You buyer is indeed required to fill a cue sheet with those info, simply provide them with your full name and DOB, GEMA will collect but won’t pass it on to you, as you’re not registered.


Thanks @Soundfire :smiley:

Thank you Mr. @PurpleFog :sunglasses:

Like @PurpleFog said, they obligatory have to pay PRO royalties. even if you’re not registered in PRO. Give them your name with surname and track title and ask for the name of the campaign and brand so you can find those royalties in the future.

So it’s your choice if you want to get them from PRO by registering your music or not.

Here is a wider insight about PRO: The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)


Thanks master @RedOctopus!!