GEMA problems on Audiojungle

Hello, we have bought a song for a video. The german GEMA ask for money on youtube now and closed the video. Alsp on exhibitions because the song title is registerd in a P.R.O or something like GEMA.
Why can this happen? I have bought the rights and in the hole license description there is no sentence about being touched by GEMA or P.R.O.

How can i get the rights that i don´t have to pay GEMA or something? Also, where can i see before purchasing, which song is registered and which song is maybe GEMA free?



GEMA is notoriously one of the most aggressive PROs in the world. I haven’t heard of any other PRO who would closed down YouTube videos. Most PROs collect performance royalties for Youtube videos directly from YouTube, not from the uploader.

You can read about PRO in the Audiojungle FAQ, or in the help center where the topic is more detailed.

Hope it helps!

thank you for the links. after reading al the faq and the help center, this means: the platform audiojungle died for german users and ist totally worthless. You will not know before purchasing if the author is in PRO or not. You will not know the finals costs and there is totally no chance to fix it after purchasing a song.

if you have bought a track and you have bad luck, you will pay thousands of euros for your client without knowing this before. this can ruine filmmakers. they better could charge more up in front without any PRO registration. the author would also get more money directly and more fair.

In the Item details of each item you can see whether an author is affiliated with a P.R.O or not, and also which PRO they belong to.

I understand your frustration. But to be fair this is more a GEMA issue than an Envato issue. Some German users were already complaining about GEMA on the forums before PRO music was allowed on Audiojungle, as GEMA supposedly was collecting performance royalties on any performed music, whether they were PRO registered or not.

Not it all! In almost all cases filmmakers do not have to pay pro royalties. Cinemas pay, TV channels pay, event organizers pay, Youtube pay. And they pay it obligatory, upfront. But not filmmakers.

In this case GEMA made some strange move. You have bought license which allows you to publish video on the Youtube. Imho:

  • it is kind of mistake done by automatic algorhythm


  • mistake made by author who has some kind of limitation in his contract with GEMA

So ask them both: author and GEMA. And btw have you tried to solve the Youtube claim by using standard dispute? Maybe it is standard CID tracking?

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