Any GEMA affiliated author have had problems with the non-exc tracks?

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wondering if any GEMA affiliated have had any problems with his/her non-exclusive tracks.

I´ve heard some bizarre stories about the GEMA trying to collect royalties from customers that bought a legal license here in Audiojungle.

According to the Help Centre (which is not working unfortunately at the time I´m typing this) the AJ´s customer that is willing to broadcast their videos in which AJ´s tracks has been used,.must check with the local PRO if they need an extra license for that.

I guess that´s the only issue that could derive for a non-exclusive track…but I´d like to know from other GEMA affiliateds.


Not affiliated with GEMA, but…

A valid license from Envato is not a weaver for performance royalties. GEMA is known for being the most aggressive PRO when it comes to collecting. So it’s not so bizarre that some AJ buyers may have to deal with GEMA.

Why do you make a distinction between exclusive and non-exclusive tracks regarding this matter? How would non-ex tracks be more problematic than exclusive tracks?

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thanks for replying Actually, you’re totally right, there should be no difference between non-ex and exclusive tracks regarding this issue. It’s more a quantity thing, I mean, having your tracks with various non-exc libraries increase of course the probability of having an issue.

I’ve had some concerns from other libraries about non-exc tracks I also have here in AJ, and I wanted to know if anyone had any problems with GEMA.

Beein part of the “most aggresive PRO” (meaning that is actually the only one doing its job to defend author’s rights) seems to be quite a problem for many libraries.

It’s normal! This is called royalties and they have to be collected even if someone buys so called “royalty-free” music!

Since most of these libraries promise (or seem to promise) there is nothing more to pay than the license itself, it’s understandable they feel uneasy about a PRO that may go directly after their customers.

GEMA is not the villain here of course, but it sure creates complication for those platforms (rather their customers for now) and shows the limitations and deep flaws of the royalty-free model.