Question about GEMA copyright!

Hello everyone! I just got this question from my client:

“Hello Serj
I have a German client. They want this track for a 60 second film. I know it is registered with ContentID for YouTube. My client wants to know if the ‘Broadcast’ license covers GEMA copyright for TV in Germany, Austria & Switzerland?
thank you”

Can You help me with it? Much thanks!

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Hi Serj I recommend you to submit a ticket to support, as many other authors had issues with GEMA but didnt get any help at the forums (check the old forum threads ). Good Luck!

yeah better ask support, but as it’s a royalty free license there shouldn’t be any problems with gema.
you could send him this.

I don’t think you are registered to any “exploitation company” “Verwertungsgesellschaft” in german