Blank Cue sheets as part of a customer download after they buy

Can Envato develop a standard PDF file that explains what a cue sheet is so that every time a customer buys they get a blank cue sheet and instructions about how to fill it in and e-mail to a pro?The pdf should have the cue sheet submission e-mail addresses at every PRO in the world and the customer should be instructed to fill it in and e-mail a copy to the PRO and the Author. I actually think every usage should be reported even if it is web only. It’s time we all let PRO’s know that performance royalties should be paid for YOUTUBE plays. That is the road into the streaming future. The blank cue sheet should be an excel doc so they can type data in fast. If we have to update every zip file, that is a long and laborious process. There needs to be a more automated way of getting blank cue sheets into every customers hands for every track they license.

example: Say “Please fill this out so we know how the music is getting used, we know this may take 5 minutes, but we would be very grateful if you can help us.”

Please e-mail to the authors Performance Rights Organization aka (PRO),,,

Basically, we need to ask our customers to fill these in and email them back to us and these e-mail addresses above (THE PRO’s). That is step 1 to collecting more performance royalties for each license sold.


Yes, all royalty-free music libraries that accept PRO registered music should have a blank cue-sheet template (as well as an instructions document) for costumers to download when they buy a broadcast license. Actually, most of them already have, as far as I know.
Still, by now, cue-sheets are only required when there is public broadcast on television, internet television, radio, internet radio or live theatre for example. It does not concern corporate videos, web sites, personal videos, Youtube videos, etc. Youtube video is not considered broadcasting because it is considered ‘on-demand’ and not internet TV. But I’ve also read that, like other broadcasters, YouTube and Google Video pay annual fees to PROs, so this is not a really clear subject for me. If they pay that annual fees, for each Youtube video containing music should be filed a cue-sheet.
I agree that AJ should have an automated system to include cue-sheets and instructions in the download for each broadcast license sold. I believe that there are many customers (mainly internet TV and internet radio broadcasters) that never filled any cue-sheet and also don’t know that it is not only the right thing to do but it is also a legal requirement.
The instructions document should also make clear that it will not cost the broadcaster any additional money to file a cue-sheet. The payment that is made to the composer and publisher is taken from the annual blanket licenses paid by the broadcasting companies to PROs. These annual license fees are the same whether cue-sheets are filed or not. The cue-sheet only ensures correct distribution of these annual fees to the actual composers and publishers who created the music used in the broadcasts.

For sure, sonicFox, when broadcast licenses are purchased an instructions document would be really useful. It would be really great if that was an automated process where a note and cue sheet are automatically part of the download and the note says “thanks for buying a broadcast license, because this will air on radio or TV, you must fill in and file this cue sheet at the authors PRO so performance royalties can be paid when the music airs on public TV or radio. The author can assist with the process, just e-mail them.” The way to get people to do things right is to simply ask and instruct them to do what is right. Great ideas SonicFox! The problem is that for those of us with 150 to 300 tracks on here, the only way to get instructions to a customer is by updating every zip folder and then re-uploading the master zip file. That is a lot of work and it may cause confusion to those buying the $19 standard license, so perhaps it’s better if it is automated with broadcast license purchases.

Despite I only have 35 items for sale on AJ I absolutely agree with you @SteelSound. The inclusion of a blank cue-sheet template and the respective instructions document should be an automatic process for each broadcast license sold because it doesn’t make sense (and also can create some confusion) for a customer that bought a standard license, as you mentioned before. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will ever be implemented by Envato 'cause only us, PRO registered authors, would benefit from this implementation, if you know what I mean. Well, but a simple popup notice, on the item download page, to alert the customer (when a broadcast license is purchased), with a direct link to download a blank cue-sheet template and an instructions document, would not be a so time consuming thing for Envato Devs to implement, I guess. Other RF libraries have similar approaches concerning this matter.
Well, lets sit very comfortably and wait. Meanwhile, let’s try to do the work ourselves. :wink:

I dunno about you @SonicFox, but I get Youtube royalties on my ASCAP statements every few months!

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Never got Youtube royalties on my PRO statements @SonicSketches. Perhaps ASCAP, BMI and SESAC distribute royalties generated from Youtube and Google videos only by their affiliated composers and don’t have agreements with other countries PROs related to Youtube and Google?!..
I really would like to hear from other non US PROs registered users about this.

The PROS are paying for youtube…this is true and I do see small royalties on my statements for “youtube” or “internet”. The royalties are very, very small at this point in time. But moving out in a few years clearly that can change as streaming everything becomes more the norm. Meaning - TV shows on demand to our phones, i-pads, and computers when we want to watch, not when TV networks broadcast the show. Anyway, live TV and Live news, sports, etc. will be around for a long time. Eventually performance royalties will have to be in play for youtube and streaming in general…at least we hope…

Are composers here including cue sheets in the . zip yet? And is it.allowed?
If so, can I see an example?

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Yes, more info please! :slight_smile:

If royalties don’t come in automatic, it’s really difficult to get them… .

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It is happening! I have communicated with a couple of authors (who happen to sell a lot of licenses) and they have received PRO “performance royalties” for audio jungle titles that aired. The initial indication is that it seems to be happening in England. So the PRS is getting the paperwork and then distributing those royalties to the authors’ PRO.

Envato really should ask all customers who buy a broadcast license to explain how they will use the track, and what territory/ country/ city it will air in, and the date it will first air. I just don’t see this asking too much of customers. They really need to fill in a cue sheet and e-mail that back to us, or at a minimum, strongly encouraged to do so. People won’t take action unless they are asked to do so. Can we not just automate the data directly to the invoice?

Video Professionals and production companies (Post Houses, Ad Agencies) are used to giving this information when using music for broadcast. So all PRO Authors, I highly recommend getting every AJ title registered at your PRO immediately. Performance royalties can and will come but only if you have your title registered. Otherwise, the royalties may be held. And let’s not forget…The PRO’s have made a deal with Google/ Youtube…So performance royalties will be paid for titles that “air” or “stream” on youtube in the very near future. The future is here now. Times have changed. PRO’s are our best friends and they stick extra money in our bank accounts…literally…direct deposit…money is manufactured out of thin air and placed in our accounts thanks to PRO’s. Performance Royalties are a beautiful invention.


Yes! We should get a copy of the cue sheets. This is not a strange request. The music is our intellectual property by law etc.

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Minimum of things we need to know:

  • date of 1st time on air
  • country('s) + network
  • production name of commercial (they have a unique title)
  • name of ad agency / production company

With this the PRO organisation can get a bit done in case the royalties (that by law should be paid to us) do not come in!

Preferably we want a copy of the broadcast schedule…


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Ok, so in my opinion:

  • AudioJungle probably will be part of Elements sooner or later. In elements every usage of item has to be registered. And I can imagine some automatic system which will generate blank cue sheets for Elements every time item will be registered.
  • but I don’t suppose that Envato will make in the near future new automatic system for good old AudioJungle. They probably have enough work with Elements unfortunately.
  • I think that the best way would be creating USER BLANK CUE SHEET which will be made by us for us. Of course we can and we should show it to Envato staff. But let’s make template. Here in this topic. And we should update all our zips. I can’t see any better way. You guys already made few points which should be the base of this cue sheet.
  • And there is one thing which Envato can modificate. Adding composer name and IPI number to license - basing on data from item “upload” page. It’s so easy that we can ask them for this.

Elements? Subscription Model? The only way any company can execute a subscription model for music files (Each file is a unique copyright by the way) is by literally owning all the copyrights. Envato does not own our copyrights so can someone please explain how you pay individual authors when money is pooled together in “subcription” plans…where the buyer gets as many downloads as they wish for a monthly fee or annual fee? This is not in our interests, nor should it be in Envato’s. $49 per month for each customer??? What if there are customers who buy 2 or 3 tracks a day at $19? We’re now going to consider offering $49 a month for all you want to download?..I doubt it…

We are selling individual licenses to sync our music compositions (Our copyrights) to a project. This has to be executed on a license by license basis as well as a track by track basis. If customers need 10 tracks for the standard license then they need to buy 10 licenses for $190 plus taxes.

How can you possibly conduct fair accounting in a subscription model when selling music copyrights? As individual authors using Envato’s selling platform, we don’t want this, we want people clicking “buy” every time they want to use our music. I have to think Envato wants the same for music files. I would highly recommend to all authors this: resist subscription models, here, and on any other market. They only benefit the company selling subscriptions. It would be devastating to all music creators’ business. Subscription models are the most dangerous threat to the music licensing business and I really do not see how any web site can legally pull it off without taking full ownership of the copyrights being sold under “subscription plans”. Already AJ offers discounts with “packs” - 3 tracks for $28 or 4 for $38. It would be the most destructive move of all time if they ever changed to subscriptions. You just can not do accurate, transparent, and fair accounting in that model. They do not own the assets they’d be selling.

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Elemets are coming if we like it or not. And how this will work? Graphics or photos are similar to music. And they are in Elements already. I’m very worried about it also.

But please, let us do not discuss about Elements in this topic. Let’s discuss in this topic about blank cue sheets.

We gave Envato a solution in this thread. When customers go through the licensing process and click the broadcast license option, that should trigger a set of questions:

  1. What country, region, or city will the music be broadcast in?
  2. Define the usage: TV Show, Promo, TV commercial, radio commercial, infomercial, other_____explain briefly.
  3. First Air Date? On Which Networks (For TV Shows)
  4. Brand/ Advertiser/ Client Name:____________(For TV / Radio Spots)

I think asking for the media buy schedule is a bit over the top. That invades a business’ privacy, but hey if they wanted to send it in great…Points 1-4 are basic and important information and should take a client 30 seconds to answer while they make their way through the broadcast license purchase process.

RedOctopus, I’d leave the site if they switch to subscription, every writer should. What is everyone going to earn a pre-calculated salary in a subscription model? When everyone’s earnings fluctuate drastically month to month and hopefully grow over time, you simply can not pay writers fairly and in a transparent manner.

Ok, we can ask Envato to make that survey after clicking broadcast license. And it will took ages Envato to officially respond and probably they will refuse to do this after first request. Of course we can fight for this - and we should do it. But in my opinion first step should be creating our common template and updating zips. Clock is ticking, people are buying tracks every day. Making it automatic will take ages and we aren’t even sure if they will create it…

BTW - this kind of survey can be possible but after buying, not before. Buying process should be as easy and straight forward as possible.

I disagree, it’s not a survey. If a customer clicks “buy Broadcast License” that should auto prompt the information that is always asked on every professional licensing site on the market that licenses PRO registered tracks. If you go to any rights managed platform, a customer will always provide that information to the publisher. Envato can and should get that information onto the invoices we currently receive. Envato is a unique situation in that they are not the publisher for collecting performance royalties, authors are the publishers. The transaction is between writer/ publisher and buyer…or customer and us…we’re asking Envato to facilitate communication about usage (TV show, Spot, promo, radio, or film) , country to air in? when will it hit the air?

I do not think we are asking for a lot with this request. 4 bits of information can be entered very quickly…in less than 30 seconds I’d say. It also elevates the platform to a higher level of perceived quality. It sends a signal to customers that music licensing is taken seriously and copyrights are taken seriously. It educates the public about what performance royalties are. I actually think it can open the door for much higher prices for the highest broadcast tier, currently $304…I’d be willing to bet a lot more top tier “Music Broadcast and Film” Licenses would sell on AJ if the price was more in line with market prices. 3K to 5K for worldwide use in an advertising campaign makes a lot more sense. I still believe big companies don’t come in here to shop because of the $304 price on the top broadcast license. They still just see it as “too good to be true.” and probably perceive the music as “inferior” quality because they want to spend more money.
Why not try “call or e-mail for quote” for the most expensive license? What do you have to lose?

What’s astonishing is there are highly educated businessmen running Envato who have to know this and recognize this but for some reason do not want to take a chance at higher prices. What I will say to management, if you are listening, you will not get the fortune 500 companies in here buying music for their high end worldwide TV campaigns unless you price the highest tiered license as if you are selling Jaguars, BMW’s and Ferrari’s. It’s pretty much so common sense.
You shifted to PRO allowed so you can attract better Talent. After one year of PRO allowed we do know that people are collecting performance royalties, so we can conclude that professionals (more upscale) clients do shop here. Why can we not adjust pricing accordingly?

Maybe the Microsoft’s, Unilever’s, and P&G’s would stop in here to shop if they saw higher prices for worldwide TV campaigns…Did anyone ever consider this thesis?Or does your analysis and thesis say “we’re better off staying with “low end” perception?” I think you can pull off both, but prices have to change for the top tier license.

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Indeed. Broadcast license means professional buyers. Professionals follow a process, providing information and filling cue sheets should be part of that process. Nothing extraordinary here.

Where are the elite authors on this issue? It would be nice to see some folks who sell 300 to 1000 licenses a month (and often get broadcast licenses purchased) who are members of PRO’s chime into this discussion. These proposals may very well add tens of thousands of dollars to your pockets each year if you speak up about this issue. This definitely is a concern for me…even at my numbers I still seem to sell at least 1 broadcast license each week. It sure would be nice to understand how the track is really getting used. It sure would be nice to ensure collection of performance royalties. I’ll do my own admin work to try and collect them. I just want the customer to explain where they are airing the music? When? On A Spot? or Show?..

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