Blank Cue sheets as part of a customer download after they buy

Sorry about reviving this old thread, but since there still is no solution offered by Envato this topic still seems very important to me.

I was thinking about including some form of information regarding cue sheets in my ZIP files for some time now and finally decided to create a Word doc, based on this standardized BMI/ASCAP template:

Here’s an example of my Word template, pre-filled for one of my tracks:

I’ll now include this in every ZIP package (pre-filled for each track) and also link to the document from my item pages. Example:

Feel free to use this Word template for yourself - but please alter the pre-filled information accordingly. :wink:

Any thoughts, ideas and criticism are of course welcome, too! Maybe we can make this even easier for customers?


Hi @RocketSounds

I just read through some threads and saw that you shared a cue sheet template here last year, but the link is not working anymore, any chance you can share it again?

Or anybody else know where I can get a good cue sheet template I could have for my zip files? I would need to fill in 2 titles, original and optional title.

Would be highly appreciated!

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I´m in the P.R.O. TONO in Norway and as far as I understand I´m functioning as publisher there as well.

So if I pre fill a cue sheet, I just add my name with 100% writers share and 100% publishing right? And track name + IPI number and “TONO”.

Anything else thats helpful to include?

Hi, I don’t have pre filled cue sheet but I suppose it can be useful.

On the other hand I’ve seen different blank cue sheets in different PROs so I’m not sure if different PROs will approve one template (?). But yes, it can be a good starting point for buyers (!).

I upload zip with pdf with a short info about royalties and my PRO data:

  • registered in PRO name/nickname
  • IPI number
  • PRO name and country
  • eventually the name of track

Time to think about uploading blank cue sheet.


I´m going to add the BMI cue sheet to my zip files (My PRO were actually not able to provide any cue sheet in English…)

But I find nowhere to fill in my IPI number and I can´t see any in the example either. So is IPI number not needed in the cue sheet?

Or should I just inform about the IPI number + email address to my PRO in a pdf ?