Fully compatible wordpress theme?

Hi dear,

Please help me, Iam looking for 100% fully compatible wordpress theme with envato elements templates. I need to make more websites, and its time difficult to set all Fonts/images corectly and manually. Oceanwp Isnt very good, hello elementor Is quite better. Could you please help me?

Thank you So much. Erik

Compatible with what?

These are all Elementor themes on Elements https://elements.envato.com/wordpress/themes/elementor

That said you do not get updates or support for items downloaded from Elements so you need to keep that in mind if you are talking about client work

Charlie, thank you very much. So it means, if i choose one of themes you sent me in link. I dont have to make any visualy changes? I use elementor pro with envato elements, but fonts Are very often different(for example very small) and i have to manually change them.

Changing fonts (universally or for select elements) is easy using Elementor

You will want to make updates to copy and images (you can’t publish or redistribute themes ‘as is’ without them being developed as part of a project).

Ahh i understand, i wont publish that. Its Just project to school, and i dont want to spend a lot of time on this homework😀 so i wanted compatible wordpress theme, where i dont have to make changes manully