Every template / theme / kit requires Elementor Pro? Very Disappointed

“I became a paid member to get a WordPress theme for my website. Now, I am unable to install anything because Elementor Pro is a ‘requirement.’ Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it works?”

It’s probably informed on the item page that it requires PRO for the theme/kit. Check the details …

Thanks for your reply. The thing is that literally ‘everything’ requires Element. So, no old fashion plain and simple wordpress theme that doesn’t required another $49 for Elementor? Makes no sense that every ‘available’ template is off limits. If I know that I don’t become an Envato Elements paid member. I feel robbed.

Every Kit will require Elementor (that’s the point of kits) but not necessarily the Pro version. Many will work with the free version.

These themes are all Gutenberg (native WP) compatible (some may offer Elementor compatibility also)