Elementor template requirements not clearly explained

I’m trying to use Elementor templates through the Envato WP plugin. I do not have Elementor Pro and will not purchase it. The templates offered by Envato are supposed to be a mix of free and Pro compatible templates, but I have not found any that do NOT require Pro (only after downloading, installing, and trying to configure a dozen or so which appears to be the only way to find out).

Some templates are presented specifically on the Envato page (Memoreel, I’m looking at you) as being compatible with Elementor Pro and Free but they simply are not (again, no way of knowing until after downloading, installing, and trying to work with them). The Envato plugin says that some templates will require Pro, which is fine if I can tell which is which, but in practice it’s not true; all the ones I’ve tried require Pro even if they say they are compatible with free.

So my issue is with the presentation of these templates, which is the problem I have with Elementor in general. These kinds of shenanigans - where things are vaguely wrong and no one wants to admit that an additional $50+ is required - are exactly why I will not purchase Elementor Pro. Go to any official Elementor tutorial and look for a mention of requiring Pro. Nothing. Try to follow the tutorial on how to build this or that awesome site… you’ll get nowhere. Comment and ask why you are not seeing the same thing and then “Oh, you need to have Pro”.

I am disappointed that I have spent over an hour this morning working on something that, if adequately documented, could have been avoided.

If the templates require Elementor Pro, just come out and say it. Don’t mislead people.

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I agree here 100% - I had the same “problem” when I have use Envato WP plugin - there should be an option to select/search templates which use just free Elementor - otherwise it is nightmare to find one.