WordPress Template Plugin Requirements?

Hello everyone
I’m a newcomer and want to submit my first template I designed with the Elementor Pro plugin. I read the requirements articles but did not understand a point. I would be grateful if someone who knows would guide me clearly.

1- Should I put the Elementor Pro plugin in the sales package or is it enough that the slightest reference to this template is designed with the Elementor Pro plugin and it needs it and the buyer buys the template with the knowledge of this issue and then the plugin should To buy himself? Are other market templates the same?

2- My plugin is a personal version. Is it enough if I have to put the plugin in the sales package or do I have to provide a Plus or Expert version?

you should to include the free version in the theme bundle plugins and Elementor Pro is an option for customer if they want to use pro version by purchasing that pro.

What you mean by personal version? Customer will purchase if they can use your item in personal and for their business end product as like their business website.

Also envato will approve your item if your item have premium commercial values with perfect quality.

Hello and thank you for your answer
I mean the personal version of the plugin, 4 price categories (Free, Persona, Plus, Expert) on the Elemetor site, but of course I understood from your explanation that if I put the same free version in the package, is it enough? Did I get it right?

Then I already replied this. you should to include the free version.

Only free version should bundle with the theme.