Full HD Preview Videos Lagging On Videohive


Basically, I want my preview videos of my templates to be 1920x1080 16 bit rate without lagging but they do lag when they are this way. When I play them on my phone they lag a lot. I updated my preview videos from 16 bit rate to 8 bit rate, sacrificing quality this way, with the hope that they will stop lagging but unfortunately they continue to cause this problem. I downloaded full HD preview videos from other authors, which do not lag at all on my phone, in order to see the way they upload. For example, one video was 1920x1080 and 10 bit rate and did not lag whatsoever. It loaded very smoothly. So, I tried with one of my videos to upload it 1920x1080 10 bit rate. I did it and played it on my phone but it still lagged.

Now, here comes the absurd part. I knew something was not right.

Originally, my video was 1920x1080, 57MB, 10 bit rate but after getting uploaded the size and bit rate increased a lot. I downloaded the preview video from Videohive and saw that the same video was now 104 MB and 18 bit rate. Realistically, the video is 10 bit rate and cannot become 18 bit rate. I’m looking at a preview video which is 18 bit rate on paper but in reality it’s 10. This means that the full HD 10 bit rate video that was playing without a problem on my phone was originally exported as a 5 or 6 bit rate video. Videohive is unnecessarily increasing the size and bit rate of the videos which is causing lag.

My question is for the authors that upload full HD preview videos. What are the settings you use for your preview videos?