Help on Preview Video for Videohive

Hello Everyone,

Just i have one doubt please clarify me,

Can i use the full HD(19201080) video as a preview video for my after effects template submission?
or just can i use half res video(960
540) only?
Thank you

Create a Preview Video:
Create an H.264 MP4 or FLV version of your video at 1920x1080 and overlay the VideoHive watermark when applicable. This will help prevent copyright breach and unauthorized use of your file.

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you can use full HD previews.

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Okay thank you authors

i don’t think so now a days Full HD Previews are not taking by the systems. Did you ever tried recently.

Not yet…but incase i upload my preview video in Full HD, there is only two options to select in drop down…how can i select?..can i leave it as default(960*540) when my preview video in 1080p?
pls help me if any one one in above

yes you can set as default(960*540)

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Thank you

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