FTP uploads not appearing after uploading

Just wondering if it’s normal to have a long delay after uploading files via ftp, before they appear in the form to upload a new project.
I am preparing a new template and have uploaded everything via FTP. I should make it clear that I have no problems with FTP and all files have uploaded successfully. I have always used FTP to upload in the past.
But I’ve been waiting over 4 hours and the files I uploaded still aren’t appearing when I go to the upload form from my dashboard.
I don’t remember it taking this long - what’s the normal delay, anything you can do to speed it up?


** Use FileZilla for win
** Check you connections
** Also check

** If not make a support ticket

Thanks for your reply, but the problem isn’t uploading via ftp. I am using Filezilla on WIndows, I have it set up with an api, but that’s not the problem.
The problem I have is that after my files uploaded successfully they are not appearing when I go to fill in the upload form.
I have uploaded projects via ftp before and I am aware of the process - I upload them via ftp, and in the ftp program I can see them in the upload folder when they successfully transfer. Then they disappear as the files are processed at the Videohive end. Usually this takes a few minutes. This is outlined in the help documents somewhere.
So far I have waited over 8 hours and the files have still not appeared yet. They HAVE disappeaered from the ftp upload window, that took over 6 hours, so I am assuming they are now being processed and it’s just taking a long time…

Use Firefox or support ticket

refresh the upload form page, press ctrl + f5.

Thanks for your help, turns out it was my fault. I was using the ftp for elements, not the marketplace. I didn’t realise they were different!