FTP Credentials for the theme to install in Wordpress

I have UOCE (University of College Education) theme bought from themeforest. when I try to install it in the localhost(In my laptop locally) it is asking for FTP credentials. Have tried some credentials but no luck. Can I know where can I find the exact FTP credentials for installing the theme in Wordpress.

This may help:

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I tried all the solutions stated above before posting it here actually. If I use this define(‘FS_METHOD’,‘direct’); it is installing but when I try to active the theme it is asking FTP credentials at that time.


  • at first install a fresh wordpress in your local server (http://localhost/YOURWORDPRESSFOLDER)
  • Open the wp-content folder
  • Open the themes folder
  • Copy in your downloaded theme (not the full download, only theme zip) and extract (if its zipped) it there.
  • Go to your Wordpress Dashboard (wp-admin) and go to the Appearance => Themes. Find your newly installed theme and click Activate.


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Tried it previously and also tried now… but no luck still asking for FTP credentials when activating the theme.


Would it not be easier to simply upload the files to a domain name, and use a database online just as you would end up doing anyway?
Myself personally we have domain names/server space/databases that I test this sort of stuff on rather than on a desktop.

I think you can go with xampp. you can check this one: