Freezing video issue after uploading to Instagram

Hello, everyone!
I am new to Inst and was going today to start making some portfolio, but got an issue after upload my first video - it is lagging or freezing when playback after upload to Instgram. I ve checked several tutorials about proper format and compression, but nothing helps. What I am doing wrong?

1:1 video 1080x1080 30 fps.
export to mp4 H.264 with Adobe Media Encoder. Tried different bitrates from 3 to 10. It is about 5mb file size for 6 seconds video.

But when I send the file to my phone (Asus Zenfone Android) and publish to Instagram it is freezing when playback. Wtf?

Thanks for help.

Hello, guys!
I just want to share maybe it will be helpful. It is still freezes uploading from my phone, because of some bug. Just tried with Galaxy Tab and everything works fine.