Where to find the correct and up-to-date instructions on how to upload video footage

In the upload rules it says that previews and thumbnail are created automatically. I upload a video and the system reports that I have not uploaded these elements. So are they automatically created or not? Where is there an up to date instruction on how to upload video futazhas if the site does not have the correct information.


I think the problem is here. Check your file formats and codecs. Is it rendered in H.264 or Apple ProRes 4444?

I’ve tried all formats. Doesn’t work with any of them. But I found the reason. The video I’m posting is not a simple video. It’s a 360 video. I shoot it with an Insta 360 ONE RS 1inch camera. And its original resolution is 6144x3072. The system considers it wrong and gives errors. If I reduce the resolution to 4096x2048, then everything is ok. But for 360 video, 4K resolution is the minimum. How can I post a video in its original 6K resolution?