Processing, failing?

Hi there fellow videohivers,

do any of you experience issues uploading your project?

I am currently encountering issues uploading my project. I have followed the guidelines, and have never had issues before. Uploaded everything through the FTP-server, and made sure everything is added correctly. When I click upload (final step) it just says ‘Processing…’ for 10-15 minutes until it fails. I’ve tried with three different browsers, but it’s all the same.

It might be the envato server, but I am interested in if any of you might have similar experiences?



Having issues with changing thumbnails here on ThemeForest, I’ve notified staff and the devs have been notified. From what I understand it’s currently being looked at. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy!

Yes, it seems it was resolved. Suddently the processing went through, and is now waiting for review. Thank you :slight_smile:


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still I can’t upload ???

Me too, I tried to upload an item since last night and the last time was 10 minutes ago…failed

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Hi guys.

It could be (I tried a lot of different compressing softwares) that I just zipped the main file with Windows 10 build-in compressor. Give it a try :slight_smile: