Free File of the Month (ThemeForest) can't get updates

I have the chance to get a free theme from the July Free File items (Vinero Wordpress theme). But I can’t update it. If I want to down,load it again, it’s still the version 2.2. But since yesterday, there is a version 3.0, and I can’t get it. I tried the envato market plugin to update but it only shows paid items, not free items.
The problem for me is that there is a buggy demo content importer tool in v2.2. The update is supposed to fix that. But with no update available…

Any idea how I could update this theme ?

Hi, support and updates are not provided for free files of the month, according to the terms written exactly below the Download button:



Hi @83des. The free file download (item files + standard “free file” terms) is generated at the time an item becomes available for free, which is why it no longer matches the most current version available for purchase.

I’ll check with our developers to see if there’s a way of updating it to make sure both versions are in sync. While updates aren’t available for free files after they have been downloaded, having a free download that potentially misses important updates during the Free File period may be a bug.


The author has been very helpfull and did give me the updated theme. Thanks to him !

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Our developers have just manually updated the free download for vinero - so it will now match the current (v3.0) version available for purchase on ThemeForest.

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It´s allowed download updates from March free files?

Hi @murdoc_sinclair. Item support and updates are not provided for free files - if there is an update released while a file is offered for free, we’ll do our best to update the free download. After an item has returned to its normal sale price you’ll need to purchase a licence if you need access to updates.

oh nice

Ok, thanks!