Free themes?

Hi. I had an Envato email link offering free themes. At the checkout, these themes are not free, but at full price. What is going on?

Hello @seashman

If you are talking about the June free files email, please make sure you are logged in the browser with your Envato Market account (the files can be downloaded for free only when you are logged in).

to download freebies you don’t need to add to cart. at top of Add to Cart button you will see ‘Download it for free!’ click on that button it will start download immediately.

Hi. Thanks for your replies. I am logged in. Unfortunately, there is no ‘Download it for free!’ link or button visible. Is this offer only visible in certain countries?

No, it has nothing to do with countries, I don’t think there is such a restriction.

Have you noticed this on your phone?

I logged now on my phone and indeed the free items can’t be downloaded, you are right.

I’ll let the Envato Team know about this.

Thank you.

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Hi @seashman! Could you please post the links to some of the items in that email?

Alternatively, you could link to the web version of the email - there should be a link up the top, saying “No images? Click here.”

I have a copy of the email entitled “Brand new free files for [Ben]” dated June 3, which contains links to the June Free File of the Month items - that list starts with the Cariera Job Board HTML Template (ThemeForest), and end with Chain Animated (3DOcean). I’ve just tested all seven links, and the Market item pages show a green “download it for free” button here.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for your post. The link from the emailer goes to this page:

Links to the three free themes are on that page.

Best regard,

Thanks @seashman! It looks like that page hasn’t been updated for June, as those are last month’s free themes. I’ll find out when the update is due, and will send you a DM once the new files are available.

Ok, thanks Ben.

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