No themeforest free file of the month (March 2018) ?

Is it on purpose that there is no free file of the month for March? I saw the 4 free themes in the landing page. But there is no free file together with the other sections of envato?

Hi @ascaron4o! We will be announcing a new Free File of the Month for ThemeForest soon.

We now have a slightly more complex process for checking and approving free CC and TF items, and the planned item for TF wasn’t available in time. We’ll be adding it to the lineup as soon as it’s ready for release.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for themes to test out, I recommend having a look at this landing page - there are some great items available this month:

It currently has four WordPress themes that you can download. That landing page isn’t linked from the ThemeForest front page, as it’s optimised for some different goals - you’re most likely to find it via search or in our customer emails.

Hi @BenLeong,

Thank you for your respone. Anyway I’m aware of the landing page, but honestly it really misses the variety of themes put there. There are 2 construction themes which are pretty specific from a total of 4 themes. It could be better in future to try and maximize the outcome by putting 4 different types of themes so you could reach to maximum amount of people. And for example one portfolio theme could have been better addition instead one of the two construction themes. Just a thought! :slight_smile: Also I checked the most of the nominations and there are better and really nice themes such as this Blvck theme. Beautiful, simple and modern.

This is just my personal opininon. Keep going with the good stuff you are doing for the community!

Have a nice day!

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Thanks for the feedback! A new ThemeForest FFOM item will be live in the next hour.

We’re required to randomly select our free files from nominated items that meet the nomination criteria, but splitting up items from different niches is something we can look into.