Update for Free File of the Month

I had the opportunity to download the Karo Jewelry Responsive Wordpress Theme when it went free in July and deployed my site with it. Unfortunately, the site got broken due to some performance issues and my host suggested to update the theme and use PHP 7.3 for improved performance both of which I couldn’t do with the current version. My site has been down a few days already and I really would like to update the theme before getting it back online. However, I only then realized this was not possible with the free files. Could you be kind enough to avail an update for this theme please? The update to 1.1.9 from 1.1.8 presents a lot of performance improvements.

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There was, what looks like a fairly big update in August so I’d suggest buying a full copy (the problem will only persist otherwise with future updates).

Really? :anguished: Big update or little update shouldn’t matter. I think the idea of monthly free files should be discontinued if you can’t get the updates and cornered to buy the product to update it. I would understand the case for support, but it is legitimate download to get it from Envato free offering. It isn’t supposed to be a trial or null - is it? My understanding is Envato got the authors permission to list it free and every theme or plugin get’s updated for many reasons, even a day after you just got it. Envato should secure the update capability for any files it intends to list as free if her offerings aren’t meant to be ignored. I could have bought this instead of feeling lucky I got Envato’s offer. It feels very much disappointing now!

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But you knew it was no support or updates when you downloaded it right? It’s written under the download button?

With or without support it’s still a good offer