Frauds of 10%-20% exclusive TF authors

I’m looking on almost every online shops. About 20%-40% exclusive authors sells that same products on many other markets. Because I choose to be non-exclusive author on other account because I want to be fair - what do You think we should do with that kind of fraud ? Send Envato emails with links ?

I’m very curius what will be Your answer. Thanks

ps. or maybe I should also do this.

ps2. It’s also some kind of warning because right now I get about 30 works to show

AND - Second question:

  • what punishment exclusive authors will get - warning?
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If you are sure about this you should report it to Envato. They should handle it in the best way.

I’m sure … but once I send email to Envato to check what will be … 4 weeks and nothing , no answer, no reaction … soo I think that this whole “exclusive author” is a fiction.

Yes please email support and they will handle it.

I think instead of speculating, you should contact Envato.

4 weeks for a response seems a bit bogus if you ask me. I’ve waited a week maybe at most.

There are a LOT of similar themes between here and other marketplaces, tho often, not the same.

I think you’d have better success contacting Envato regarding this than using the forums.

No one said to share. All your doing is starting troubles in the forums by calling out names.

You should be contacting Envato support. Not creating a fake profile and posting names up.

The first of those two authors is also on Creative Market, which I am assuming is what you’re referring to.

Their theme there is an HTML version, not the same version or theme being sold here (which is WordPress).

I think perhaps you should just stop while your ahead, contact Envato directly instead of using the forums.

Ha-ha. Just visited Mojo Marketplace and was surprised :smiley: Someone have to stop them.

Yep, not only mojo … but my posts here are deleted by the administration. Apparently, here it is permitted fraud so long as shop earned.

No, it’s also Wordpress Version added in that same day as here. And second - Why should I/YOU hide thieves ? And as I said before - 4 weeks waiting for response with other author/product and envato do not even answer, do not thanks … nothing … that was “elite author” … maybe it’s worker of envato shop and they make money on competitors shop…

Calling out author/item names are forbidden by forum rules. You should contact Envato support and tell them about such frauds: and envato team will deal with. Normally frauding authors got removed exclusive author status.
Envato support contact link:

Ok I will be a S.W.A.T in here :wink: But as I said … 4 weeks, works still are on other shops, “elite author” do not lose his “exclusive badge” … Envato must have many standards … probably beginner will be banned or as You said, they will remove his “exclusive” badge … sad…just sad…

Agree with you. That’s a bad thing and play should be fair.

On another note, is exclusivity per item or for being exclusive for the market?