Does Envato Actually Care If We Are Exclusive Or Not?

There’s been a blatant case of a user (who recently sold a broadcast license as announced here) being called out on the forum as representing himself as an exclusive author to AJ while selling the exact same tracks on another big marketplace.

I’ve mentioned this directly to support, i think others have as well, and it’s been brought up here at least a couple of different times over the past couple of months, nothing appears to have been done.

So is it really not that big of a deal? Maybe Envato doesn’t care as long as we aren’t making a whole bunch of sales? Should I just go exclusive and get my extra cut while keeping my stuff up on the other market places? Seems that way…

What can happen If Envato finds out ? banned account?

Hello! The forum does not solve the issue of violations or exclusivity of tracks, thefts, sales outside Envato etc. Write in support they will quickly solve any issue. If, you found some “blatant” violation.
Good luck!

Already have. Nothing done. Seems fairly pointless to play by the rules.

Support will not leave your question without attention, they will definitely answer you(from 1 hour to 2 working days on average, they answer)!

Ok, but they didn’t…

I know all about the proper channels man, i tried it, maybe we will get a little action if a few mods actually see this.

Have seen many people reported that too, but never knew how the stories ended.

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It’s hard enough to make any money at this game and getting harder. This user has been called out on different threads by long term respected members, and i know I’m not the only one that has reported him to support.

It’s very frustrating to see nothing done, especially when you try and play by the rules, and he’s bragging about selling a broad cast license. So he gets the exclusive cut all while a simple Google search will reveal the same tunes for sale on another big market place.

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I do not quite understand … Did you receive a response from support?

I think that’s the problem.

I reported a case of plagiarism quite a while back (around 3 weeks ago I think) and have not yet received an acknowledgment, although in fairness the track in question has been removed from sale.

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Hi @RobertReid - Any such reports are always concerning. I would be very interested in hearing details on this as well as your ticket ref of the support you raised this on? I would most likely be the person who received this and cannot find anything at the moment in our system?

@paulgraves the same here, I am hoping you had at least a response acknowledging your report, we cannot follow-up on such reports due to privacy but this should have been explained to you in your support ticket.

We now have a dedicated team who can handle such reports, so if a report comes in, we handle this in confidence and send this support request over to that team, but as above, we will not ever be in a position to follow back-up with you on the outcome. But please be rest assured, if we have details of an author evidently violating our terms, we will take action.

If you want to report anything in confidence - please email FAO Will Bishop


Thanks @RobertReid and @PaulGraves for following up with me so we could clarify these reports and take action.

Appreciate your time and attention to these matters :pray:


Thanks Will, greatly appreciated and thanks for your attention on the matter.

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Thanks Will. Your help was appreciated and I’d encourage others who may have similar concerns to take them up directly with you and the support team.

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