fork script soundkit

The soundkit script is out of service a while ago, I forked the code and continued with the development of the script. I have some questions.

1 - To the soundkit script, I eat with the development, I made many changes and I changed the name, now it is PlayMusic.

Could I sell the product using your envato platform?

2 - In case I cannot sell with you, can I sell that product through my channels? I am not very clear about their license terms

I wait for answers, greetings :slight_smile:

No to either - the author retains the copyright.

The best thing you could do it to incorporate what you have done to ONE project for ONE client and sell that on a single basis

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Ohh, thanks for your quick reply.

In other words, depending on the license I buy, can I only sell it to one person?

So there is no way I can continue to support the script? (maybe contacting the creator of the script).

Sorry to continue with the conversation, it’s just that I’m not clear about the legal terms. I hope you do not mind.

Hi! I’m interested in this scirpt. Please send me more information about changes you’ve made. I have many ideas abut this script so maybe you could make this possible. i sent you email by codecanyon. Best! Peter