Footage upload always stops at 14,22%

Good evening from Germany,

I have a problem with uploading my stockfootage.
The upload stops at 14,22%. Every single time.
I do not find any helpfull answers on envato-help-site, google, oder youtube.

Is anyone here who had the same problem and know a solution?
(I am new on envato and since now i didn’t upload any footage.)

Best greetings


Are you using the FTP or the Website version?
(whatever answer, try the other one :slight_smile: )

So if you tried FTP so far - Try the Web upload and vice versa .

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Hello johnnybd,

It doesn’t work.
I tried it with Cyberduck and Filezilla…
Could it be, that Envato has a problem with its server?

Cyberduck and Filezilla are both FTP clients, so yes,
Could be a problem with the FTP Server.

Did you try using the Web-based upload?

I have the same problem for files larger than 3 GB. ““For 3 years.””