Follow me and I'll follow you back

Follow me at the link below, and paste a link to your portfolio; I’ll follow you back!

really ? :slight_smile:

I say you follow me and then I’ll follow you back :slight_smile:

I just did.

I think the usual is that someone,
when he appreciates you work, after listening some of your tracks,
they decide to follow you. And you get +1 followers.

If you notice, you can follow the person back.

It’s not “you follow me, I follow you game”. :slight_smile:

You followers should be those ones that want to see
updates in the future when you release something now.

Be it authors on AudioJungle that like your stuff,
or better, clients buying your music.

It’s not a “follow me, I’ll follow back” game : )


Sure, that’s one way to approach it, and in a perfect world would be ideal.
Consider, though, that the vast majority of potential clients or in-house
Envato authors that might like or buy what you create will never see your
stuff because of the sheer size of Audiojungle. I think the site creators
envisioned it working differently, at least at the beginning, before there
were so many fish in the sea…

I think it’s one way the ambitious author can attempt to a very small
degree to compete with the established, big selling authors, by getting at
least a bit more exposure…

Cheers from here as well!

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checked your portfolio and indeed, you have really good sounds there mate :slight_smile:

wish you good luck with next songs