500 Sales! Woohoo!

Thank you Envato and Audiojungle buyers for 500 sales! Best of luck to all here who work hard and contribute on the forum - may you write something wonderful in the coming month!


Awesome! Great milestone!

My concratulations :slight_smile: I have only 80

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Congrats :clap: Good luck on sale in the coming days :+1:

Congrats!! :tada:


Not bad though! You’ve been here less than a year.

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Thanks! You’re approaching 400 and you haven’t been here nearly as long as I have - nice work.

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Thanks, and best of luck to you as well!

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Thanks LuckyBlackCat! You are really rockin’ - you’ll be at 500 sales in no time and zooming past me! Great work!

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Thanks Maxim! I like to see writers from Ukraine succeed - my daughter lives there and considers herself Ukrainian.

Congratulations! Great Work… I wish I’ll reach to 500 soon too…

Thanks - the way you’re selling, you’ll be there in no time!

Oh my dream!.. congrat mate

Thanks my friend!

Congrat mate !!)))

Thanks, and best to you!

Congratulations. Great achievement. Good luck for more sales. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I can’t complain!

Congrats ! :slight_smile: