Thanks for reviewing

The elements are all over the place and you have issues with almost every aspects of graphic design rules.

  1. Overall looks very amateurish
  2. No hierarchy
  3. No readability
  4. Typography is terrible
  5. No spacing, alignments, negative space
  6. Composition is weird

Thank you for your feedback.

hi I see a variety of reasons for the item to be rejected but for me without the shadow of a doubt , the most major one is reading the global organization and readability … anyway let’s get started …
1- global style
to be honest , I am likely to create busy things and I rather like having more than less in a general way but here , to be perfectly honest this is really super crammed , there is close to no breathing whatsoever … this goes overbound, so speak …
2- global organization
I guess u may have already heard about z-lay out , right ? this is not small deal and something to take lightly indeed. This not only determines the way the eyes sweep across any document but also determines where impact zones turn out to be so that u place important information there … here u have everything on the left and this is not a super good idea if u ask me , when u get to understand how the reading process takes place …
3- readability
this is due to the main organization that I have just evoked but not exclusively … there are contrast issues as well , but, in any event, when u put two on two together this is really hard to read this flyer and the hardly accessible readability makes the item rather inefficient , which decreases the commercial potential
4- commercial potenttial
I am not knowing what the right part if made of … blending? combination of two picture? a single picture ? a complete composition of a whole lot of elements? but this looks like quite hard to edit if there is a blending or a complete composition, or if this is only one picture, then the item looks pretty flat and way too simple in the end ,because, look, if u take out the cook, the picture on the right u have close to nothing being left in the product and the zip file is only made of text , two or three shapes , period … too light in terms of graphic design u ask me…
5- contrast
some texts or elements are definitely not springing out enough ifs wanna knowhow I feel , this makes get into troubles in a snowball effect as far as readbility, exposure / impact and hierarchy go …
6- exposure / impact
this is due to the contrast issue and the positioning of elements as well as the choice of colors in the first place
7- hierarchy of information
restaurant name is small, in the wrong colorful it to pop out and be outstanding and thus to be noticed and remembered which makes very little sense when it comes to branding by the way … same goes with the name of food and prices , they are bigger though the description is almost more readable all the same , which is not super relevant …
a second basic design principle after contrast being violated… pls make sure that all the elements are aligned properly, pls keep in mind that this is both a template and a corporate item, in other words, more than anything else, what people expect from u is to get to organizer everything well to follow all the rules and so on so that the product looks clean … to help u to do just this, u can adapt the content , this is the big advantage of a template
9-fake logo
honestly if I were u I would invest some time to create a decent professional looking logo which will take your preview to the next level rather than flatten everything like the one that u have at this stage … still about the logo pls see next point …
10- logo disposition
the disposition is not the right one , this prevents the logo from shining , since this is too stuck to other elements so that u can expect to increase the size of it and there is not enough space around for the logo get the right exposure and impact …
11- breathing
overall, u have no space not being covered on the whole canvas and all looks very bulky … this makes text hard to read ,… this prevents the logo from getting the right attention