Flyer design problem

please tel me which part need to improve my flyer

hi well u have different of mistakes here if u ask me , some major ones and some less important ones, too. let’s get started

1- contrast
this is a basic design principle and this is definitely something not to take lightly , as this is a point that should not be messed with in anyway, since , in addition, this is bringing you to face further troubles in a snowball effect , too (pls see the next points). Indeed, what is the point to some texts if they can barely be read indeed? not to mention that this is even more paradoxical insofar as this could be very easily prevented by jus turning the concerned texts in white color …
2- readability
this is related directly to point 1 … the lack of color contrast between the background and text upon basically means the texts are pretty hard to read if not invisible , among other things
3- hierarchy
the hierarchy is far from satisfying at this point, this is still bit the effect of the contrast thing, of course, but not only, the introduction of very bold texts almost all across the flyer makes the hierarchy get flatter and tends to have all texts getting drown and getting flattened … paradoxically enough , u have chosen not to put some in the only place where it could have made sense and served a stronger hierarchy, that is to say below the main title … this is the opportunity for me to remind u off the fact that putting texts on top of complex background basically impacts very negatively the readability of it, as well the hierarchy of information, too
4- organizational misbalance
indeed, what strikes me the most about the global organization is that u sort of have 3 different areas … a top one lacking a bit breathing, a central one where information can breath well and get the right exposure and a super crammed footer (let’s face it, the abusive use of boldness there is no stranger , but not only) where there is a very dense and compact block of text that does not look particularly good to say the least
5- global style
do not get me wrong this is sort of clean apart form the critics that we can legitimately formulate and i started to expose, though, let’s also talk the talk , at the moment, the global design appearance looks rather plain and lacking originality in a general way for a marketplace where there is such an extended catalogues of products already … i assume that it would have been great if u could have pushed the envelope a bit graphic design wise … this is taking me to the next point …
6- commercial potential
this is rather low about it, if u ask me, as, to make sure that your item is solved u have to make sure that u either make people feel like they will save some time out of buying the item, or that u can offer them which goes way beyond their graphic abilities , but here , the design can rather be easily and quickly redone, i guess that people would thus rather choose to save money … in such a context, hard for a reviewer to accept the file and make it go for sale
7- branding
i would call this branding, indeed, u have to identify that a brand wants the company name and so on not to be put in the sideway but that they want the name to be visible, identifiable, remembered and so on
8- fake logo
for the thing is too dense and not aesthetic enough , i am aware that this is not included in the main file, though, i assume that u can identify that having a really good looking fake logo will take your design to the next level rather than being likely to flatten it
9- colors
to be honest i think that the color combination is not the bets one that u may have been dreaming of … thinking of complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same color would be a better and safer choice indeed

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  1. Layout style
  2. Headline
  3. Color
  4. Typography
  5. Bottom
  6. Icon
  7. Logo
  8. Alignment
  9. Negative space
  10. hierarchy

More practice

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well the problem is that if u do not detail any further , he may have trouble to identify what is wrong in the different sections, this is why i detail much usually …

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