Flyer Rejection

Another day, another rejection, this time in the flyer category. Any thoughts about this?

as for me i really like it and think that u have a very cool and cute base to work with though u have to pay attention about a few things. First of all the serif that u used is not matching super well with the central title (lobster font, right?) and serif fonts like this look a bit old style i think that opting for sans serif ones would be better . Plus, beware the positioning or contrast of the likes of “envato club” as this is hard to read because of the color of it and having elements crossing under i think also that pushing up “love” and “is in the air” would make it have more impact and maybe giving another color a try for it would be cool as well

Thanks again @n2n44 for your valuable advice. I’ve got one more question: When I manage to change this things that u said, I would be able to resubmit the project (because of the hard rejection), or I should make this changes and be more careful next time? I really liked what I’ve achieved with this one and I think it has potential.

I’m in your debt for that many advices you provided for me. One day if I would travel to Thailand I would like to pay for few rounds of beer and drink them with you.

hi buddy well i guess so though the notion “significant editing” is sometimes a bit hard to apprehend so this is hard to tell but i guess they would not nail you for this … so i think this is fine indeed
as for the drink , thank u i am looking forward to it but i am afraid that u will select beer and me fruit juice lol but if this is ok with u … :slight_smile:

@n2n44 I’ve made the changes you were talking about. What do you think ?
(And yeah, that is lobster)

this is better in my view though u still have a small problem of spacing the footer “special music …” should be pushed up a little bit and i would personally try to put love in white color or maybe blue green (but less sure about the result for this, but trying is not much of a big deal lol)

I’ve changed the spacing and the color of the main title to a light blue but it wasn’t enought. Another hard rejection. I’ll keep trying

hi buddy well the fact of the matter is that no matter how we try to help u , indeed , we are still not the reviewers … and this is sometimes really hard to identify what is expected and why the item was hard rejected , we can only make the most of our long exprience as designers and knowledge to try to help without making sure at 100% that the thing that we mention will be enough … not to mention that maybe u could not do 100% of what was mentioned …

I wasn’t bitter or angry, I was just adding an update of the situation. I really apreciate what you have done for me. Inspite of the fact i didn’t get aproved, I’ve evolved a bit in my process of working, and abilities, so I’m still good with that.

u can rest assured buddy , i have never felt that u were … i just tried to explain that despite our great willing and dispositions to help, sometimes people cannot make it all the same … but this is good as u improved the item for sure and the u can choose to sell it somewhere else , it will have more chance to get noticed and sell now :slight_smile:

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