Rejected Flyer

Hey guys my Valentine flyer is rejected 2 times.
Any one know why?

hi, for me this is cute but u can embetter the flyer, u have an issue of balance between side ways and the center of document, the central part is containing all elements and there’s nothing or almost in the side ways. U also have to pay more attention about the way things are alined in the bottom banner and i am not sure about the readability of the font u use in the banner. The back looks a bit empty too according to me …

Yes, @anon93157897, l tend to agree with Nico, on this one, but will add, that the bottom red rectangle for the lettering seems to be off vertically with the text.

The cocktail doesn’t sit well, and the date, is fighting with the heart box, or it doesn’t look like it is actually on the box of chocolates?

And l would go easy on the shadows for the teddy bear, good luck.