Why this flyer got rejected?

Flyer design got rejected , " we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward "

Flyer Size?

4"x4" with 0.25" bleed / CMYK / 300DPI

The main issue is typography. The fonts doesn’t work well together.

Ok. but you should focus on Typography.

hi to be honest there is a misbalance , the title is “decentralized” / loo low on the canvas and the fact of the matter is that the title part is confused … , too stuck with the rest , not popping out enough, not contrasting enough so that the hierarchy of information is altered and the readability is not impressive to say the least. Besides , still about contrast , I guess u can identify that black on red like this is hard to read. There is also an issue of alignment … why not having the live music and date at the same level? this is disturbing eyers in the reading process. In terns of branding this can very easily be substantially improved as well as the club is treated as a tertiary information right now , while this is one of the most important parts … pls also consider dong something for the spacing of the footer if u do not choose to bring the title block up as I mentioned earlier on …

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Thank you NICO

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u are welcome, happy that u could edit things and get your item accepted :slight_smile: too bad u changed the model though I thought that the previous one was better lol

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Thank you NICO. I also liked the earlier model.

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