Valentine flyer rejected

Hi guys,

I received an hard rejection for this valentine flyer:

Could you please tell me what can I improve on this?

I don’t really like the look of the background. Having a big V could be good, but I don’t like the current background. I guess saying “V DAY” could work if it’s really obvious valentines imagery. But V Day can also mean Victory Day. :smiley:

Even with a big cupid and hearts?

Well, it depends on how you have constructed the flyer “I mean smart layers etc…” Plus you are using many layer overlays which make the flyer very busy. Maybe you should simplify it by removing the photo background and create a background that blends better and shifts the focus to the flyer message.

PS: Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and does not reflect in any way the graphicriver judge opinion.


The hearts aren’t that obvious actually, I would say I agree with kaiku82.

The background should be ok, (l just got one in with a much more busy background than this) but the V needs to go, as a Mod, may see it as V for victory, which is getting off niche, which may result in a rejection.

Then l would put more effort into the DAY text, as it is way to simple.

The Cubid, l honestly don’t know, but that may be ok, then learn, (Youtube) about lighting affects, and it may get accepted.

I would never resubmit a flyer again without substantial changes, but making those changes and maybe have some 3D solid, hearts flying about, would probably get away with it?

good luck.


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Thanks buddy!
I just made some consistent improvements by replacing the photo in the background whit some more concerned to valentine. Also I improved some typo and submitted a new version.
Now I wil see. :sparkles:

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