First wordpress theme hard rejected. I need feedback

Hey there! yesterday my first theme was hard rejected and I have no feedback :S

Can you give me some feedback please? What could be problem?

Here is the demo site

Thanks in advance

Hi, I’d be happy to help.

To be honest, at first glance it looks very responsive and sleek. There’s only a few things that eventually drag it down.

  • When hovering over an image, the orange colour that gets overlaid seems a bit intense, try either making the colour more transparent or a darker colour to help the white text become more readable.
  • Staying on the topic of the hover-over images, the white text that appears (e.g. Branding Concept) is too small, and hard to read. If this text was larger it would help.
  • The transitions on the top box seem a little inconsistent, especially the one titled “The New Edukation”. The text will sometimes not appear at all. The timings on the transitions between the images seem a little jumpy too - if they’re too quick they can be a bit distracting.
  • There’s a huge problem on the “Contact Us” page. You’ve committed the deadly designer sin of full span google maps! That means someone scrolling down the page will suddenly be absorbed into the map and the map will start zooming out instead of scrolling further down the page. Here’s some help to fix that.

That’s all I can find on a quick scan-over. Hope this helps!

It feels unfinished … to much of blank space, not good typography … some elements on dropdown have hover effect and some not ( shortcodes ) … many smaller and bigger “bugs” … but overall it doesn’t feel as template that someone will pay for.

Hi! thanks for your feedback, i really appreciate it. Can you be more specific about the issues with the typography ?

Hello Jakes, thanks for your feedback. It was very specific! really thank you very much