First hard reject ever lol, some advice thanks :)

delete this post please mods

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welcome to the hard rejected club buddy lol we are happy to welcome a new member lol kidding

i know your work well as i use to comment it and i like it … if u ask me here is the reason for your rejected item, this is that most of your latest items are in the same style, disposition and colors … Otherwise, if u ask me, what u have done, as usual with u this is really professionally executed and definitely really harmonious too

apart from this, just one thing thing as regard to spacing in a general way … u have several things a bit too close from the edge , especially for texts , as items are meant to possibly be printed in this category. finding a way to align the lower line with 3rd on the right hand would be good too, probably by increasing the interspace

Thanks, much appreciated.

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u are welcome buddy