First accepted upload, now what?


Hello there,

I am new to this community and have been trying to submit some of my work over the past few weeks to this portal. At last one of my submissions made it through and I was really excited about it. So meanwhile another 2 weeks have passed and there are no sales. This wouldn’t bother me at all if it wasn’t for the fact that there are close to zero views on my item as well.

When I tried searching for my own track with terms like “racing music” or something similar (which is what I would go for in terms of marketing) the track doesn’t even show within the first third of result pages.

So now I wanted to ask you for advice: what can I do to improve the visibility of my items? Can I somehow achieve a more prominent listing in the search results for specific search terms (kinda like SEO)? Or do you think I am expecting to much and should just let it rest for a really long period of time?

Would be happy to hear some advice. I tried out a few royalty free portals in the past but I am eager to improve on this particular one since it seems to have really high quality standards.



Well, first of all I think the track is in the wrong category. That style is not what I think of when I look for “indie rock”. Second of all, 1 track is nothing and you need to make more music every week to get views to your entire portfolio.


Keep uploading, man. Sales will come. The front page visibility is your main target now. For tags, use this link:
Upload your tracks on soundcloud, youtube and use tweeter. Don’t spam:)


You are right, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I selected the categorie. I must say I have trouble though finding one that fits better. Also I couldn’t find any option to change it anymore, is it still possible to do this?

And yeah, I guess I’ll have to make more music. Thanks!

Thanks for the link - really useful resource! When you say don’t spam, do you mean I shouldn’t submit to much items to audiojungle - is there a limit on how much they will review? Already on soundcloud and youtube but those platforms sadly don’t offer any extra exposure of any kind (at least not that I have noticed).


I mean ‘Dont spam on Tweeter!!’. Tweeter is a very usefull tool for promotion, you will find a lot of media companies, film makers, etc.