Tracks for review not on dashboard or on portfolio pages?

Hi guys,

So I just recently came back to Audiojungle after many years off - I created an author page back in 2013 and shockingly never began uploading any work, but recently I decided to put some more time into selling my music online and got my first sales with the first track I uploaded.

I have a question though and I apologise if this has been answered before (I’m still new at navigating the forums) but the 2 tracks I have on my portfolio now were part of a batch of 5 I uploaded in one go, all uploaded on the same day - The other three though are no longer in the Queue window, or uploaded. I’m not sure if they have been soft rejected, or if they are still under review or where they are, can anyone explain this?

Thanks in advance for any help, and good to be back amongst the community!

I’m sorry, but most likely they’ve been hard rejected. Check your e-mail spam folder.
I had similar issue.