Finding the right music track in AudioJungle

This is a post for video creators and I hope it’ll be useful.

My team and I are starting a new service to make music selection easier for video creators. The idea is simple: You send us a link to your video (streaming or download) and a team of music experts selects the ideal music for the video from the dozens of thousands of music tracks available here in AudioJungle. Cheaper than hiring a composer, quicker and easier than doing it yourself. The only thing you would have to do is to approve the final result. That’s it.

Since we are starting this project and we need a few reviews to show on our website, the first clients will have the service for free. That means that a team of experts would find the ideal music track for you, at zero cost. The only thing we ask for is a short review commenting on your experience with us.

Our objective is to make things easier for video creators while at the same time giving the most talented composers, whose tracks can get buried among the thousands of tracks here, the opportunities they deserve. If this is not for you, consider sharing it with someone who could make use of this opportunity and you’d be benefiting both of us.

If you are interested or you have any questions, please send an email to I will personally read and answer your email.

This is our website:

P.S.: If you’re a talented musician with experience in music libraries and good a taste in music who would like to work with us, contact us using the email above.

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