The AudioJungle Community Guide #7: Collaboration with VideoHive

Hi guys! This is RedOctopus from AudioJungle. For the past 3 years you have used many of my tracks in hundreds of projects. I can’t even describe how grateful I am for that. During that time I have realized how important is a connection between AudioJungle and VideoHive author. Your success is mine success. That’s why I’ve written another chapter of my AudioJungle Community Guide which is about the AJ - VH relation. You can find this guide pinned on the top of AJ sub-forum.

At the beginning I wanted to write a short text for AudioJungle authors but finally I’ve added a part for VH authors which became the bigger one. Let me kindly give you a handful of tips which I have learned… from you. Many of you do this, I regularly make edits and change prices when you ask for this. So treat it as a set of tips and common practive which can be helpful for newcomers and hopefully inspiring for the rest of you.

Let me know if there is something more you expect from the AudioJungle authors and our music so I can add it to the guide. Maybe there is something iritaiting you? I’ll publish this chapter on AJ in a few days after collecting your feedback.

And once again, thank you!

Tips for VideoHive (VH) authors who want to use AudioJungle (AJ) music:

  • write a message to AJ author and ask him for setting a fixed price. This way AJ author will know that he can’t raise the price of his track because that could confuse your buyers
  • you can always ask for lowering a price of a music track to suit your item pricing strategy
  • you can ask for a discount set on a music track for specified period. You can synchronize your discounts
  • you have chosen a track, you love the mood but it’s too short, too long or have sections which do not fit well with your video? Ask for an edit which can be added as a variation of main track, most of us will do this for free :slight_smile:
  • you can always ask for a customized sfx like swooshes, bells etc. Most of us will do this for free or at least send you good audio samples
  • many of you use our watermarked preview tracks for your projects. But keep in mind that if you’re not using first variation, you have to guess where other variation start in the preview file. This can make a problem for your buyers who can’t download preview without watermark (that’s Envato rule). If they download zip and put separate files in your project, it may be out of sync. To avoid that simply ask AJ author for a separate tracks with added watermarks
  • send AJ author a html code (or at least link) to a banner/graphic promoting your item. We love to include it in our items descriptions!
  • on Videohive: remember to include a html link to AJ item in your description (it’s obligatory)
  • on Elements: remember to include a text description with the name of track and AJ author (it’s obligatory, please do not forget about it during the VideoHive > Elements transfer, we have many clients on our AJ forum who can’t find track you use). @Creative found that adding item ID is the best way to make sure clients will find the track since AJ authors sometimes change name of their item. Item ID number can be found in the link of the track e.g. (bolded)

Tips for AudioJungle authors:

  • it’s always good to fulfill all reasonable requests which come from VH authors, e.g. adding customized edits, watermarked renders of separate tracks, adding sfx, adding a discount, putting an info banner in the description
  • keep in mind that price of your item is connected with price of VH projects which use your track so do not change it’s price rapidly, especially if VH authors asked you for keeping fixed price!
  • add an info to the description on your profile page which allows VH authors to use your music in their projects (it’s obligatory if you want your music to be used in their works)
  • do not write posts in the topics on VH forum like “Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration”. Nobody from reads it :slight_smile:
  • do not subscribe to VideHive authors if you’re not interested in their work. It’s pointless since VH authors find tracks only by using search bar or searching the portfolio of authors they already know. Subscribing them will not convince them to use your tracks :slight_smile:
  • think of your tracks in terms of VH projects. Add variations with various lengths (especially 15 and 30 sec), add acents, breaks and sfx, this could make your track more attractive for VH projects

Just my observations and a little advice for the authors of Audiojungle:
Topics like “Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration” is an absolutely meaningless spam-thread where VideoHive authors won’t look for you. Subscribing to all in a row authors from Videohive will also not lead you to success.
For example, when I need a track for my new project, I look for it in two ways:

  1. Using the search bar with tags and the necessary settings;
  2. I’m looking for a track in the portfolio of an author whose music I liked earlier.

In both cases, the quality of the track plays a decisive role. So, no matter how trivial this advice is, just make high-quality original music, and then you will come to the attention of the authors from Videohive.
For example, I chose a music track for my last project from the RedOctopus portfolio, since I had previously used his tracks in my projects. I originally found the author’s tracks using the search bar

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I recently started to add the item-ID in the text description on elements, because it looks like it is a common trend on Audiojungle to change your item names on a daily basis. Buyers who cannot find your sounds anymore by their name can at least find it with the ID now.

However, I think AJ authors have to blame themselves when they are missing out on sales because they just cannot stop changing their item names.

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Right! I will add this soon, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Good point! Yep, I will add this too. Btw ID and link stays the same after the name change but indeed clients may have problems with changed name. Thanks!

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Link is forbidden on elemens, that is why I give ID. Because it stays the same even with your name-mumbo-jumbo in the jungle.


I’ve added your suggestions and I’m going to publish it on AJ forum. Thanks guys!

Can someone send me a link to one or two of your projects where you incorporate AJ into your video submission? I’d like to do this but not sure how it works best.