10 questions from a composer to all Videohive authors!

Hello everyone!

Iam a composer in AudioJungle and fairly new to the whole community. I’m trying to compose to the best of my ability and make music for you. But in order to improve and make better tracks i want to further understand the community.

So if any Videohive author would like to answer these few questions it would be a great help to me (and i think a lot of AJ composers) :

  1. Whats your favorite genre of music (for use in your projects)?

  2. Do you -most of the times- search for a particular genre or you go with the trend and what’s featured at any given time?

  3. Whats the most important elements for you in a track that makes you favore it ? (for example a nice loud kick drum? a well-build flow, good catchy rhythm? ect).

  4. Does multiple versions of a track make it more appealing to you in order to buy it or if a song is good you go for it no matter how many versions it has?

  5. What are your most common search terms you use when browsing the AudioJungle store?

  6. Do you pay any attention to the authors profile and external links (website , youtube ect) or you just buy the song and don’t bother to hear more from him?

  7. Do you have a favorite tempo (average)?

  8. Do you prefer 15$ tracks vs 19$ tracks or if the track is good price is not important to you?

  9. Is average loudness a deciding factor for purchasing a track or if it’s well orchestrated and well build loudness doesnt matter that much to you?

  10. You prefer authors (or tracks) that are not affiliated with any pro or this is irrelevant to you? Same question for AdRev.

These are my 10 questions! A huge thanks in advance to anyone who will bother to read and answer them! :slight_smile:


I usually choose music after the template is ready so I just search for relevant keywords and the tempo that fits the video… And as I use AJ music only for Videohive preview the price is not a factor for me.


Thank you for your answer @rgba_design :slight_smile:

Do you understand that we don’t buy from audiojungle? We use preview versions. Videohive authors are not buyers, they are your promoters. :wink:


@DOGmotion I didn’t know that to be honest. But i have heard some videohive products that use non-preview music but i guess thats just the minority then.

Still i think the questions are valid cause even when you use previews you have to do some research before actually deciding which song you will use in said product, and maybe the same or similar research someone who wants to buy a song to use on his product uses as well :slight_smile:

After all you cant promote your product with bad or unfitting music can you? :wink:

Hi IG-MUSIC. As an author on VH this is my opinions. It does not represent others.
1: I don’t care about musical genres because I’m looking for the music for my preview and isn’t for relaxing. Musical genres depend on what kind of VH template I will create.
2, 3: I just search for relevant keywords \ listen a lot of songs in the result page \ download a song if I feel it appropriate with my template. You know we have different preferences, someone loves the drum and someone else love the piano. The most important is how do they feel about that song?
4, 5: Yes. Multiple versions of a track give me more options for creating a template. Ex. I search by “inspiring” keyword. I think I will create a template with the duration is 1 minute. I filter the length in search column from 50s~1m20s and play the results .
6: Yes. I heard about 100 songs in an author’s portfolio because he comment on my template. But can’t find the song I want.
7: As you know, I’m not a composer. I just listen and don’t care/don’t know about the tempo (I guess a lot of VH’s authors like me).
8, 10: Both are not factored for me.


Thank you for the info @GTMotion ! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this post. It’s really important information.

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Thanks @IG-MUSIC for this topic. I am audiojungle author too and I am very interested in the way videohivers approach finding the right music for their videos.

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thanks VH authors for your answers!
may i ask which are the most frequent keywords you use for your searches?

<- 1000+ bought items.

  1. depends on current project and theme
  2. search via genre and keywords
  3. mood to fit the needs of current search
  4. not for me, need just 1 good/perfect track per item
  5. always different
  6. time to time can check links but usually don’t have time for that
  7. same as 1
  8. doesn’t matter
  9. i’m doing sound mastering myself and i don’t care about oiriginal avereges, i’l change for my own needs, but it’s personal i guess
  10. usually doesn’t matter
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Thank you for the info @mastergoo! :slight_smile:

Hi @IG-MUSIC, I’m a videohive author but I’m also a Explainer video producer which means that I do not only use AJ Themes not only to promote my products but also to craft videos for my clients. Hope this answers help you:

1 - I prefer uplifting instrumentals, but it usually comes down to the client’s preference and the theme at hand.
2 - Once again, I usually search for uplifting instrumentals.
3 - A catchy rithm is always a plus.
4 - It does as most of the time multiple versions of the same video are required and having multiple versions (with different lengths) of the same tune is very useful.
5 - Corporate, uplifting, happy .
6 - At the time of purchase I go with the theme I like. Usually follow authors whom I buy from to see what else they offer.
7 - Medium to fast due to the nature of corporate videos, but honestly don’t have a specific tempo preference (as long as the tune is good).
8 - If the tune is the right one, price is not that important.
9 - Nope is not.
10 - It is irrelevant as long as there are not any additional licensing restrictions.



Thank you @vfxtesthub for the info ! Its very helpful :slight_smile:

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Really useful information. Thnx man