Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration

After being part of the envato community for over 3 years I am a bit disappointed because I have only 3 tracks used by videohive authors on their projects. I decided to reopen this old topic for audiojungle authors to post their tracks for videohivers. I think many bottom line authos have good pieces that can be used on videohive projects but they just get burried by tons of new tracks that are accepted every day. For example I post a new piece, and I get 2-3 sales the first day that is on the front and then it stops selling. I realised that people that sell a lot have their music on tons of videohive projects. I’m sorry for the long post but I can find no way to get videohive authors to listen to our tracks. Are we allows to e-mail them directly through their profile? I remember reading somewhere that this is not allowed. Anyway here is a list of my tracks that I am proud of but don’t sell.

Here is a few tracks from my portfolio that I am proud of. I posted many tracks you don’t have to listen to all of them of course. Please fill free to use them on your videos.


I expected more audiojungle authors to post their tracks here. Where are you guys ? :slight_smile:

Sure good idea! Here is my portfolio:

Hi everyone, especially VideoHive)

Check out my portfolio:

And I think you will find what you need) Most of my works is cinematic, but also has a corporate and a little rock)

Thank you for your attention and look forward to further cooperation!:grin:

Here is my latest 2 approved indie rock uploads, plus my top sellers!!! YES YES YES use any of my files for free, and send me a message with a link and I will promote your videos like crazy on my websites and social media!✓&sort_by=sales_count&type_id=5550579

Looks like a very good idea )

For Video Corporate

I’ll let you in on a little secret. No one from VH authors will not listen your portfolio. When an author looking for a good music for his project, he just searches it in the search bar. Just make brilliant music, and VH authors will find you themselves. Good luck! :wink:
By the way @omegamusic, I’ve used your music track 2 times:) And i’ve found it with the search bar


Sounds about right. How can I check if anyone from videohive used any of my tracks?

If some videohive author will use your track, he would write to you about it. But not always VH authors let you know about it. I saw a topic about some application (Soundizer ) for searching music from AJ on VH. I never involved into this app, so I don’t know how it work. But you can visit this topic, and learn more about this program

Thanks for info!

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Hi everyone, especially VideoHive)

Check out my portfolio:

If its in the hand of Music Wanderer, here is my portfolio.

Thanks to Omega Music for creating this Post. Wishing there will be a better bridge between the two planforms in the future : )

Catchy positive track, featuring whistle, guitars and drums!
Perfect background theme!

Powerful Action Breakbeat!

Very Positive Indie-Pop track!

Good Idea!