Track new VideoHive videos with Soundizer

Hello all,

I’ve just finished a new Soundizer feature that authors asked me for a while after my previous update (see here).

Now Soundizer is able to track the usage of your AJ music in new VideoHive videos. If a new video that is using your AJ music was uploaded on VideoHive Soundizer will send you email notification with the link to that VideoHive item. VideoHive tracking works for new videos only.

Those of you who are interested please feel free to show up. Just +1 will work in this thread. Also please let me know your emails via my profile page to add it to tracking list.


Many thanks :slight_smile:

+1. Count me in

What a great update! Thanks very much

+1 Awesome!

+1… and I’ve added the soundizer banner to my profile page :wink:

+1, very cool add on to soundizer :slight_smile:

+1 wow, thanks!

+1 Awesome, thanks

wow very awesome! +1

+1 Woooowwww! Amazing!!

Thanks guys, I’m adding subscribers and trying not to miss any. It looks like not everyone who +1ed did send me a private message - if you forgot it, I still need it to add your email to the list.

+1. Great news!

Oh this is wonderful!!

Thank you! This is great! +1!

Wow, super cool feature. Emailing you now. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks, Im in! +1

+1 YES!!!

+1 count me in

+1 Sounds good!

I’ll send you my email shortly. Cheers! :slight_smile: