Your Item was Approved for Sale



This thread is dedicated to your last approved submissions.

So feel free to post/share links with your musical tracks/logo/sound fx and etc which have been approved!

Let’s go! :wink:

I present to your attention two of my new tracks
My track approved for sale.
PaoloMeinardi - My last item approved

Hi just yesterday loaded was confirmed the track and already the first sales , I’ve mastered a new style , now I will write this genre, too ) :wink:


Hi everyone!

Happy with my first track approved! :smile:


Hi, here is my latest cinematic track - Paradise


Hi, here is my last approved submission


Hi, my latest


My latest piece:

Cheers and GLWS to All!


Hi :slight_smile: This are my latest ones

Good luck with sales for everyone!!


Epic Logo/Ident




Hi everybody,

here is my last Item:

Cheers! :smiley:


Hi to each and every,

Future Bass Pack is approved, took 11 days




My first track is now up and I’m pretty happy about it, would love to know your thoughts :smile: Thanks!


My new approved track. It’s an acoustic pop track. Hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.


My latest corporate music:



Hi, here is my latest fresh approved “Lite Uplifting Background” :slight_smile:


Got this fashion deep house approved. :wink: