Looking for videohive authors to collaborate, I can create music and sound even for free

Hi, earlier this day I created this thread on the forums:

There are a lot things explained, now I just want to find videohive authors which could cooperate with me in some way, I can’t paste my portfolio here, but you all know how to find it, I could even create free files for you, just mentioning about me in the description will be enough. Check my items first and then you should know about quality and type of my music and sounds that I’m creating. Best regards, Marcin Klosowski

Hey Marcin you should insert a link to your profile and portfolio in your user card, so when one clicks your avatar it will be easier to reach your works.
In the top menu click your Avatar > Preferences and insert your stuff in the “About Me” text box :dart: :dollar:

Thanks mate, I will update it now :slight_smile:

Everyone wants this, but please don’t go on the forums saying you can create files for free.

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I’m so sorry I didn’t know that this is prohibited, what should I do now? Do you think I must delete this topic?

No, don’t worry, but I think you will have to have patience and let the VideoHivers come to you. You happened to create a nice logo that several of them found to be very useful in their projects, so just create more high quality stuff and good things will happen.

But I’m very very “picky” when it comes to the audio of my Animations.
Previously spend hours on audiojungle and couldn’t quite get the Audio i wanted.
I want similiar quality to
and the one that is currently in the queue.
Should be up in a few days :blush:
All sounds were found online royalty free
but that’s also very time consuming and haven’t found any real great libraries yet so yeah :confused:

Yeah, don’t devalue the market for writing original music more than it already has been. If you’ve got enough great tracks to offer already, cool, that’s fine to use for cross-promotion. Just don’t whore yourself out man! :wink: Composers need to be better than that.

Marcin, did you try to find out the reason why the VideoHivers that used your track in their projects didn’t use any other one of your tracks after that? Did you produce more tracks really similar to that one they loved and message them to let them know about it? Well, IMO one thing you shouldn’t do 'cause its unfavorable and negative to your image is to be “moaning” trying to get the Hivers to feel sorry for you and use your other tracks in their work just because of that. I guess that there is no authors using music or sound FX to promote their work just because they feel sorry for someone, think about it!
I wish you the best luck and… make more tracks like that killer one :wink: