Few questions of needed items!


#1. I am opening a learning site. I need a very easy learning site script (WordPress or other) that I can charge per tier of learning ie: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, through multiple payment gateways (PayPal would be a MUST).

I need to be able to charge for monthly or yearly, or a one time charge.

I need to be able to add videos added to the site (all lessons are in eBooks and videos).
Would be nice if it had a forum or if it doesn’t, this forum here looks pretty nice, any idea what the name is, where it is for sale? (Please provide link).

Please recommend.

#2. I see on some sites when I am sitting there, a tiny little window at the bottom left popup and says things like “Jimmy just bought this shirt for $49.99” and a few seconds later (like 30 or so) another popup “SallySue just bought these slippers for $29.99” and there is a link to the product.

What script is that and can you please provide a link. (I found a WooCommerce one but in the comments nothing but negative comments from buyers, and I dont want to have to install woocommerce just to install a plugin for my learning site…)

#3. In opinion, what is the BEST opt in email that does it all, html mail, text mail, auto responder, double opt in (They sign up and have to click on link in email to get ebook, video or whatever.

Please provide link.

I am older guys, so I get confused just scrolling through all of these endless pages of plugins on Envato and all the different marketers (Theme Forrest and all those others is just very confusing).

Thank you.



Main question is how big is your budget for site? You will not get all this in out of box. Some things you will need to have custom made.
You have plenty templates it all depends what you like. Most of templates have options what you want in part 1.
For number 3 is the best to use some newsletter system like mailchimp.


I am pretty unlimited in spending.
Would Ultimate Member Pro be okay? I tried to demo it but 99% of the things don’t work in the demo so that was worthless waste of 2 hours.


That plugin want suite your needs because it is not support half things what are you write in first post.


AND THAT ladies and gentlemen, is how you spam (incorrectly) the forums at Envato.


Stick that on a tee-shirt…


Actually… That is a good idea.