Attention Authors - You are missing a required Template

Guys and Gals of envato Themeforest, you all build nice WP sites and templates.
However there is much more out here than Clothes, Electronics and Makeup stores.

What is need is a better selection of example sites/templates for Businesses that have Solutions and Services. Particularly SaaS type models. There is a lot of those around and they need (like me) a good site that tells a story about the Solution we sell. Yes I know using VC or whatever we can design our own, however that is not what we do nor are we good at that. Tweaking yes, full on designing of a site, no.

Most businesses are not very imaginative when it comes to designing a website layout and need help with ideas of layouts that make sense. What is available for this sector, if anything can actually be found, is generally very plain and
ordinary, lacking in Pages and definitely lacking layouts that work for real businesses other than a typical shoe or food or clothes or electronics store.

Solutions and SaaS and Software applications for desktop PC’s have for the most been forgotten because everyone seems to be focusing on Mobile. Business apps are for the most part PC based. SaaS solutions are for the most part PC based with some aspects that can run on Mobile.

So as to Templates for these businesses, and there are a lot, we have not found one that can do the job. All they seem to have is a few Home pages, perhaps a Contacts page and if lucky an About page all of which from one Author to another are pretty much the same.

Missing is all the other really important stuff like " How It Works - the Solution" type products flows, “Registration” and “How It Works - Onboarding Process”, “Features”, “Solutions Options” - like comparison tables, “About” - why us, “Pricing Tables”,

For a decent Business that operates in a Solution type SaaS area, there just are not any Wordpress Themes I can say that address this market, and I have looked long and hard, and thus a sector you Authors are missing out on.