Feedback Request

Hello everyone!

My last two tracks got rejected and this is my first time trying to make a song in the corporate style, so I figured it would be a good idea to get some feedback.

If you guys have any tips on how to make it better and/or more appropriate for audiojungle, I would be very grateful.

Here it is:


I listened to your track and to be honest the category that you want to place it in is chock full of the same kind of thing. This marketplace has been overwhelmed by tracks that use the 4/4 kick, piano and of course the muted guitar harmonics. AurusAudio and Lumenmedia really shone with this kind of thing and raised the bar so high that it would take something really really special to gain attention. Your track needs more variety rather than duplicating phrases throughout the duration of the track. I am sorry if I sound harsh but authors, myself included, must create stand out tracks that really shine against the rest. For me this category is a done deal as I cannot even contemplate coming up with a sound in this area that is different from the rest.

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@gballx Thanks for the insight!

I guess I will just submit it, and then move on and so other styles.